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Uk49s Teatime Results | Today Teatime Draw [July 2024]



Welcome to the Uk49s Teatime Results webpage. Teatime Results is one of the most famous lotto which is held every day in the UK. Also, the 49s Teatime lottery is the biggest lottery in the UK and South Africa. The Teatime lottery draw is conducted at 09:50 PM GMT every day. 49s Win Results Ltd organizes the lottery and it operates two times a day.

Check Teatime Results History

UK49s Teatime Results Today:

19 July 20247151620424844
18 July 2024581015323533
17 July 202410252831374439
16 July 2024310233144464
15 July 20249182438484925
14 July 20241114182526344
13 July 20246133740484933
12 July 2024236394046498
11 July 2024410121822338
10 July 202413161832484947
9 July 2024131529394931
8 July 2024113152228323
7 July 20243182224464735
6 July 20242628373843492
5 July 2024241117203147
4 July 202412182429404911
3 July 2024110152642459
2 July 2024382938394941
1 July 2024781826394523

With an extra touch of magic, Teatime results that elevate the fullest potential of your moment. You can check your simultaneous wins with the perfect blend of excitement and comfort for a memorable experience. It elevates the thrill of your daily ritual with each sip, savor, and win. It is the highlighted element to add spark to your Teatime.

Wrap up your long day with Teatime results with a warm cup of tea and find a chance to win big with a completely new level. Before finishing the hot cup of tea, you can check the results to see if you are the winner and remove confusion. Our website is a reliable source for the latest updates and new results for clear and concise information.

Well, sipping on your favorite brew, you can turn in your teatime results with your tickets. Apart from accurate information, you can understand every count with Teatime Draws which ensure real-time. If you are a seasoned participant or a newcomer it is a comprehensive platform that informs you with the latest lottery needs.

What is the Teatime Result – A Detailed Guide in 2024

Teatime outcome is the UK49’s Draw results that are printed every day at around 6.50 PM South African time from Monday to Sunday. If players are searching for a fast and exciting way to win big in South Africa, look no further than the teatime lucky draw. This famous lottery game is played every day, giving participants plenty of opportunities to take a huge capital prize.

The teatime conclusions are announced at 5:49 pm South Africa Standard Time daily, so players can tune in to see if they are a winner. The round is simple to entertain- just select six numbers between 1 and 49, and if all player’s digits match the six numerics drawn, they win the top prize.

But even if users do not match all six numbers, they can still win big. There are several other bonanza tiers, so even matching just a few numbers can lead to a significant cash payout. The UK teatime backwash is a big way to add some excitement to their day and potentially achieve big.

With the convenience of playing online or at any authorized retailer, it’s never been simple to get in on the action. So, if players are searching for a fun and fast way to gain great in South Africa, don’t miss out on the teatime result. Tune in every day at 5:49 pm to see if users are winners, and commence dreaming of all the amazing steps they could do with their newfound funds.

Insights Into Teatime Result History

The UK49s teatime entertainment started in 1996 and has gained popularity worldwide. People from everywhere join in, and interesting trends have emerged over the years. The number 23 has been drawn the most in the teatime draw’s history.

It’s not just about individual digits- combination matters too! The combo 1, 7, 13, 15, 23, and 49 have appeared more than any other in teatime bingo. For those keen on the activity, exploring the 49s teatime sum history exposes cool patterns. Whether players are new to this or an expert, studying past draws can boost their understanding of strategies, improving their chance of winning.

Teatime lotto takes place seven days a week and the teatime conclusions are announced at 5:49 PM (UK) daily. One achieves a chance to play the UK Teatime lucky draw for the whole week and get the backwash just by scrolling down the site.

If one user finds a number in the latest teatime bingo, they can assert their award right on the spot, and the premium will be transferred to them. 6 digits are drawn from the lot along with 1 bonus number. The numerics that are displayed in the Teatime Outcome are random.

Rules to Play for UK Teatime – Prizes and Odds of Winning

Teatime Results Today Winning Numbers

Players can predict all 7 numbers consisting of the booster unit from 1 to 49. That’s all that users have to ensure and then wait for the exact time for the current UK Teatime conclusion to get publicized. If luck knocks at their doorstep then just hold for the value and they will be turning the situation.

UK49’s Teatime does not have a conventional lottery prize structure; instead, it consumes a “pure odds” mechanic. This means that cash paid out directly reflects the odds of winning, as set by the bookmaker. For instance, an R10 wager on one matching digit, with given odds of 6/1, would return an R60 bonanza.

The odds are shortened if they select to entertain a seven-decimal draw, as the Booster consists of the digit they can match.

The numbers are chosen for the 6-numeric lotto and the winning amount is £7 if one of the chosen numbers matches the winning units, and if the same occurs in the 7-figure draw, it will be £6. The prize is £54 for matching two winning decimals in Draw#6, and £39 for drawing all seven numbers.

The cash amount of 3 digits for the winning number is £ 601 for the 6-number drawing and £330 for the 7-unit drawing. If the 4 ordinal numbers match, the prize will be £ 7,200 in the 6-digit drawing and the winning cash prize will be £3,800 in the figure drawing.

Finally, the success amount is £125,000 for a bet that matches 5 of the winning figures from the 6-number, and for the seven-digit lotto, the winning amount is £40,000 if the same happens.

How to Play UK49’s Teatime

UK49’s Teatime is unlike many traditional lotteries, as players can select how many digits they want to play. Six numbers between 1 and 49 are chosen in every lotto, chased by a seventh “Booster” numeric, and the objective is to match the number they chose with the successful ones.

Participants only achieve a bonanza for matching all of the digits they pick, so if they play five numbers, they must match five to gain; pick four ordinal numbers and users must match all four, and so on. There is no fixed entry cost: they can get how much they would like to wager, giving them more flexibility and more control over the kind of prize they could win.

Participants can also select to enter either the six-decimal draw or the seven-unit lotto that contains the Booster. The additional number makes it easier to win cash, so the payout is slightly lower in the seven-number bingo.

Playing TeaTime From South Africa

49’s Teatime is played in betting shops across the UK, but cannot be entertained the same way in South Africa. Furthermore, consumers can also be amused by UK49’s Teatime virtually from around the world. Here’s how to participate online from South Africa:

Find an online betting offer wagers on 49’s Teatime.

Decide whether users are entering the six-unit draw or the seven-figure lotto.

Select how many decimal users would like to match, from one to five. Remember that to get users must match all the numbers they pick, but the more ordinary numbers they get, the bigger the cash.

Choose a number from a range between 1 and 49.

Set the amount they would like to wager.

Follow the instructions on the website to pay for a wager. If it is their first visit, they may need to create a digital account.

How to Boost chances to win Teatime Lotto

Previous teatime conclusions will aid users to give an increment to their chances to win a jackpot.

  • First of all, make calculations on the past sum that are announced in the past months. Users can check the UK Teatime upshot History. This will help them in selecting winning numbers for the upcoming bingo.
  • Don’t focus on a significant figure like their birth date and cell phone decimal etc.
  • Do Not solely think about lucky figures.
  • Check out everyday statistics, they can check UK Teatime Backwash on UK49s.

Achieve a detailed account of stats regarding past outcomes and then just follow their instincts, the treasure will be only theirs.


Every day, the UK49s lucky dip holds two lotteries. The morning draw is called Lunchtime Upshot and the Evening time lottery is called Teatime Outcome. UK49s Teatime Conclusion is one of the most well-known daily pools in the UK. Also, the 49s Teatime bingo is the biggest draw in the UK and South Africa. The UK 49s Wheel of Fortune is organized by a company in the United Kingdom that goes by the name 49s. The office of the company 49s is located in the city of London. As for the luck draw itself, it is played all across the UK and South Africa. The UK49s Lotto has been played since the start of the 1990s. This makes this particular lottery one of the best-played bingo on the national scale in both countries.


What is Teatime Results?

A: Teatime refers to early evening or late afternoon. It is noted as the customary time when tea is consumed. This ritual is mostly practiced in the UK and some other parts of the world. In South Africa, refreshing is a word used by 49s players to narrate the evening draw of the UK49s lottery.

What are UK49s?

A: This is perhaps the most common alternative name for the 49s lucky draw. It combines the abbreviation for the United Kingdom and of course, “49s”. It is commonly consumed by participants of the pool that are based in South Africa.

What is UK49 Draw?

A: This is another way some 49ers call the well-known UK49s lucky dip. It is often used in the prediction industry of the 49s draws. A popular example of its usage is in the words, UK 49 Prediction. Though its consumption is not as common as the other iterations of the 49s wheel of fortune, UK49 remains a quite popular thing.

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Lotto Results

France Lotto Results History | Check Last 12 Month History of France Lotto




If you are finding the France Lotto past results? Then you are the right webpage. Here you can check the France Lotto Result History of all previous Months. Now you can visit all the France Lotto previous results on this page. France Lotto draws take 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 20:30 GMT. To get tonight’s France Lotto results you have to bookmark this website.

France Lotto Result T0day

DateMain DrawBonus BallPlus DrawJackpot: €
Wednesday 17 July 20246, 17, 35, 40, 47410, 12, 28, 41, 48€19,000,000
Monday 15 July 20244, 10, 24, 30, 381011, 12, 29, 39, 46€18,000,000
Saturday 13 July 20245, 6, 21, 24, 42811, 14, 16, 33, 39€17,000,000
Wednesday 10 July 20243, 5, 11, 16, 3999, 12, 19, 40, 49€16,000,000
Monday 8 July 20247, 8, 24, 31, 4263, 16, 20, 42, 43€15,000,000
Saturday 6 July 20243, 18, 34, 46, 47516, 19, 25, 26, 28€14,000,000
Wednesday 3 July 20241, 4, 21, 24, 4233, 17, 20, 25, 46€3,000,000
Monday 1 July 20243, 6, 7, 22, 28715, 27, 32, 40, 42€2,000,000

France Lotto Result June 2024

DateMain DrawBonus BallPlus DrawJackpot: €
Saturday 29 June 20241, 17, 24, 30, 4376, 13, 18, 37, 48€4,000,000
Wednesday 26 June 202410, 21, 25, 38, 41818, 20, 23, 46, 49€3,000,000
Monday 24 June 20241, 6, 45, 47, 48626, 30, 35, 41, 46€2,000,000
Saturday 22 June 202410, 25, 29, 34, 3839, 11, 14, 24, 43€4,000,000
Wednesday 19 June 202411, 18, 30, 35, 46217, 19, 27, 28, 29€3,000,000
Monday 17 June 20246, 11, 25, 28, 4626, 8, 31, 36, 42€20,000,000
Saturday 15 June 20248, 16, 30, 40, 4225, 9, 20, 29, 42€20,000,000
Wednesday 12 June 20243, 6, 13, 28, 3343, 29, 30, 32, 40€18,000,000
Monday 10 June 20245, 28, 34, 39, 47 81, 4, 5, 9, 10€17,000,000
Saturday 8 June 202418, 31, 35, 39, 4371, 19, 35, 44, 47€16,000,000
Wednesday 5 June 20244, 6, 7, 35, 4715, 22, 25, 36, 40€15,000,000
Monday 3 June 20249, 15, 39, 48, 49 76, 11, 13, 15, 17 €14,000,000
Saturday 1 June 20242, 3, 27, 43, 4884, 6, 11, 20, 38€13,000,000

France Lotto Result May 2024

DateMain DrawBonus BallPlus DrawJackpot: €
Wednesday 29 May 202410, 19, 28, 37, 3879, 13, 26, 31, 40€12,000,000
Monday 27 May 202419, 32, 41, 42, 4712, 15, 16, 17, 39€11,000,000
Saturday 25 May 202418, 19, 20, 26, 42116, 19, 27, 37, 39€10,000,000
Wednesday 22 May 202420, 21, 23, 32, 46103, 18, 21, 36, 46€9,000,000
Monday 20 May 20246, 12, 29, 32, 3683, 4, 21, 32, 35€8,000,000
Saturday 18 May 202414, 15, 34, 37, 45215, 19, 22, 29, 47€7,000,000
Wednesday 15 May 20249, 15, 16, 20, 2111, 18, 40, 41, 46€6,000,000
Monday 13 May 202412, 13, 18, 25, 26415, 21, 31, 32, 47€5,000,000
Saturday 11 May 20246, 13, 24, 39, 4384, 8, 9, 16, 36€4,000,000
Wednesday 8 May 20243, 6, 7, 34, 3676, 25, 36, 38, 48€3,000,000
Monday 6 May 20241, 4, 21, 35, 3953, 6, 18, 41, 45€2,000,000
Saturday 4 May 20242, 6, 12, 16, 1931, 26, 31, 32, 39€13,000,000
Wednesday 1 May 20245, 15, 17, 25, 42722, 29, 34, 38, 47€12,000,000

France Lotto Result April 2024

Monday 29 April 20243203047497
Saturday 27 April 202414182734446
Wednesday 24 April 202425383940417
Monday 22 April 20248203947481
Saturday 20 April 202410131622247
Wednesday 17 April 20246817244810
Monday 15 April 20242212431366
Saturday 13 April 20247192938458
Wednesday 10 April 2024191833392
Monday 8 April 20242212246499
Saturday 6 April 2024262736435
Wednesday 3 April 20245122636464
Monday 1 April 20249121517268

France Lotto Result March 2024

Saturday 30 March 20248284041422
Wednesday 27 March 20242152328457
Monday 25 March 20241222631375
Saturday 23 March 202420323447491
Wednesday 20 March 20243222432465
Monday 18 March 202420303640488
Saturday 16 March 202410122537492
Wednesday 13 March 2024451013291
Monday 11 March 2024161836454810
Saturday 9 March 20247252829352
Wednesday 6 March 20248124346498
Monday 4 March 20248182527378
Saturday 2 March 202413172026274

France Lotto Result February 2024

Wednesday 28 February 20242273843463
Monday 26 February 20247820304510
Saturday 24 February 202414222537453
Wednesday 21 February 20249223342453
Monday 19 February 20248162335422
Saturday 17 February 20242131923363
Wednesday 14 February 20243152836462
Monday 12 February 20245303640431
Saturday 10 February 202415343740448
Wednesday 8 February 20246132324344
Saturday 3 February 20244121523421
Monday 5 February 20243333436422

France Lotto Result January 2024

Wednesday 31 January 20242131531348
Monday 29 January 2024891526274
Saturday 27 January 20242143033475
Wednesday 24 January 20249253132345
Monday 22 January 20245202932379
Saturday 20 January 202419414243452
Wednesday 17 January 202482229373910
Monday 15 January 20247111519234
Saturday 13 January 202412152129486
Wednesday 10 January 202412183238459
Monday 8 January 20246114648492
Saturday 6 January 202419224045492
Wednesday 3 January 2024191436453
Monday 1 January 20244613164110

A rich and steeped history of France Lotto increases the popularity and charm of each draw. Every number holds the story of possibility that captivated wins, and losses and shapes the luck of the participants. You can enjoy magic for decades and leave an indelible mark on French culture.

Glamour lies of France Lotto that archives the secrets of the past and uncovers the stories of sets of numbers. You can learn more from the rich history of bingo rides if you are a seasoned player. Every ticket holds a promise of a new jackpot. You can keep the past, present, and future on a single page that covers the excitement.

The remarkable history of France Lotto fascinates your journey to win. Unlike other lotteries, you can enjoy a personalized experience that shows you a vivid picture of your superior choice. You can track the details of every draw, every winning, and every life-changing jackpot.

French Lotto – A Detailed Intro

The French Lottery is one of the best bingo the country has produced. The lucky draw is run and operated by Franchise des jeux (FDJ). They are also the title sponsor of the FDJ Cycling Group. If players loosely translate Francaise des jeux (FDJ), it means the French Company of Games. The company is owned by the French Government which owns about 74% of FDJ.

France Pool is a famous lotto in France and South Africa. There are ten prize categories and the main prizes start at EUR 2 million. The archives from this dip are tax-free and given in one lump sum. The minimum guaranteed jackpot is EUR 2 million and there is a maximum of 34 rollovers.

The French lottery is a highly competitive game, it’s very similar to the Lunchtime Results and Teatime Results lotto. It is one of the biggest bingo in Europe. The largest prize was won by a family from Val-d’Oise, with an amount of EUR 24 million!

Origin of the France Lotto – All You Need to Know

In 1976 when the French government established Francaise des Jeux ( FDJ), a company owned the responsibility of organizing the bingo activity and sports in France. It regulates the gambling entertainment in the country and generates revenue for the public.

The France lucky dip was introduced as flagship fun under the FDJ’s. It is designed for the entertainment of French citizens and potentially an opportunity to participate in the national lotto. 

Originally, participants chose 6 units from the draw of 1 to 49. additional enhancement adds more prizes, cash, and bonuses to bring more opportunities and excitement to win and participate. This lottery is held three times a week and offers frequent chances to obtain their luck. Over time, millions of consumers eagerly anticipated each draw.

The social significance of this game generates revenue by selling tickets to support health, cultures, sports, and other public welfare departments.

Understanding of France Loto – Sharing Pro Tips

It is a popular game in France that is operated by the country’s national lottery organization. There is basic understanding of how it works:

  • Game Format: Participants select 5 digits from a set of 1 to 49 and one more “Lucky figure” from 1 to 10.
  • Draws: Draws take place 3 times a week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.
  • Prizes: The jackpot is achieved by 5 main numbers and the Lucky Number. There are many other prizes for players.
  • Ticket Sales: Passes can be bought from authorized retailers across France. Consumers can also participate in activities through digital platforms.
  • Rules and regulations: As with the lottery, there are fair rules and regulations to ensure transparency in the result process.

Impact of France Lotto 

France Lottery touches various aspects of French society and culture in positive and negative ways over the years:

  • Recreation and entertainment: It offers countless hours of entertainment and excitement to consumers across the country. It provides a beloved opportunity to win big dreams and enjoy the thrill in all possible ways.
  • Financial Contribution: A major source of revenue generator; The amount generated from passes sales of different initiatives, containing culture, health, sports, and social welfare activities. 
  • Community Support: Besides the game, it is significantly supporting the local societies. It raises funds from different projects and gives benefits to people across the country.
  • Winners’ Stories: Big pool wins inspire optimism and hope as stories of achievers and give freedom to financial winnings.
  • False Hope: Sometimes these lotteries foster unrealistic expectations of luck rather than hard work and personal effort for financial betterment.
  • Gambling Addiction: Bingo, including France Lotto, makes addictions to players. They spend excessively on tickets and face economic hardship and distress.
  • Cultural Symbol: It is embedded in French culture, getting familiar with each passing day. 
  • Taxation: These pools impact low-income players who spend a large portion on bingo tickets.


The France Lotto game is not only famous within France but also attracts participants from around the world to participate in these lotteries. It provides a chance for each player to win jackpot prizes while supporting different charitable public and private projects. Overall, this bingo game has positive and negative consequences on societal factors. It helps to ensure that it has maximum benefits and minimum harms.


Q: Can I play the French lottery?

A: In South Africa, players can play the France Lotto online from reputable websites like Hollywoodbets or G Bets. Participants also have the option to play at betting stores like Betway.

Q: How much is the French Lotto?

A: The price for a France lottery ticket is about €2.20, which accumulates to R35 for South Africans. The funds may change due to rand and euro exchange rates.

Q: What is the French lottery called?

A: Française des Jeux ( FDJ) is the operator of France’s national bingo activity and the title sponsor of the FDJ cycling team. The French lucky dip is also known as the France Lotto to win the jackpot, players need to get all 6 numbers correct; that’s 5 main units and the bonus ball (5+1).

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Lotto Results

Greece Powerball Results 2024 | today Joker Winning Numbers




The Greece Powerball Results, called Joker draw, is also drawn three times a week Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 22:00 Eastern European Time (EET). Tickets will be on sale until 21:30 Eastern Time. Learn how to play and boost your winning chances. Here you can check the Greece Powerball draw, Tonight Greece Powerball, Greece Joker Results, Greece Powerball Lucky Numbers for Today, and Greece Powerball Hot Numbers.

Greece Powerball Results Today

Thursday 18 July 2024891819248
Tuesday 16 July 202414153338447
Sunday 14 July 202441927414418
Thursday 11 July 2024132227304413
Tuesday 9 July 2024672433427
Sunday 7 July 202491220214418
Thursday 4 July 20241212438401
Tuesday 2 July 20245102933377

A popular bingo game Greece Powerball provides the chance to win life-changing premium money. You can approach the outcomes with tickets and discuss the chance of winning. Furthermore, it is a national department and a source of excitement for players. It represents your gateway to the world of dreams and opportunities.

The results of the Greece Powerball lucky dip are a combination of excitement and anticipation that focus on achieving. You can approach the environment by checking the past and engaging in vivid pictures of your dream. It has a positive impact on each individual’s life that touches the history of Greece. These explorations encourage people from all walks of life. Also check: France Lotto Results

Savvy participants eagerly wait for Greece Powerball Results and trends to win a massive jackpot. It is a national lotto activity to win sums of amounts with simple strategies along with additional “Powerball”. The outcomes take place twice a week through a variety of resources. This platform offers comprehensive information to stay informed about your future.

Greece Powerball Estimated Jackpot in 2024

Greece Powerball Estimated Jackpot

The Greek Institution of Football Prognostics S.A. signs that the main prizes for the Greece Powerball, or its formal name, Joker, for Thursday, 18 March 2021, was a cash of €1.900.000 ( estimated R33 465 035,29).

The latest outcome of Greece Powerball generated the upcoming digits. There are three chances to get each week, with results on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday evenings.Most often, participants win Division 7 ( 2 correct digits +Powerball). 

Out of seven, there are 2 correct units and 1 Powerball. At the peak, the users obtain such gift hampers. It costs €2.00. However, 6 comes after Division. Consumers who love to participate and achieve love 6 (3 right figures). 

Lastly, their price is also €2.00.4 right digits and Division 5 (3 correct figures contain the Powerball). Players have to spend €50.00 to buy the pass and they have to be very lucky to obtain it.

All you Need to Know about Greece Powerball Result

The Greek Powerball activity first launched in 1997 and since then has given away more than € 1 billion in cash money to main prize winners alone. The greatest-ever jackpot came on 15th April 2010, when three players split €19.3 million. The entertainment was then expanded in 2019, making it possible to play virtually in Greece for the first time.

Joker- and digital dip draw style lottery belongs to Greece’s OPAP portfolio- is also known as Greece Powerball. An activity that shares some similarities with the world’s lucky draw and its Powerball counterparts, The Greek Joker was established in 1997. 

The fun has supper rewards as well. Tzoker, the Greek version of Joker, started out as a game with “ winnings beyond imagination. In many ways, that goal has been successfully obtained. One of the most important lucky draws in the Mediterranean country is this one. 

Tzoker’s main prizes have always reached new highs, so hordes of people come to OPAP retail agencies to buy a pass, hoping to change their lives. over one billion Euro jackpots have been achieved since the fun’s inception. 

The winners of the lower hampers trials received more than 1.5 billion Euros in premium. Individuals have already become millionaires with this activity, and if they want to be one of them they need to learn it from scratch.

Rules to Play Greece Powerball – Step-by-Step Guide

Greece Powerball is drawn every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Passes are available virtually and at authorized sellers throughout Greece. Players can follow these rules to play this game and enhance their winning chances.


  • Make sure the date and time are rightly mentioned, and should not be blurred or misprinted.
  • Players can contact the formal outlet once they have achieved the pool.
  • Users must not trust any illegal boxes that purchase their pass if they don’t, otherwise, the winning amount cannot be offered.
  • Only 18+ can participate in this game.
  • A winner’s gift must be asserted and must be held within 2 days.
  • If the prize is not stated by the deadline, the players must contact the outlet senior and chase their rules and regulations.

The main prizes all the five units they selected plus one joker figure match the number dip. Eight different ways are available to get cash prizes when users match the decimal bingo (1+1+ joker, 2+1 joker, 3,3+1 joker, 4,4+1 joker, 5, and 5+1 joker).

How to Play Greece PowerBall – Beginners Guides

Greece Joker, the lottery activity follows a similar process as other Powerball draws. Learn how to Greece lucky numbers fun is played and enhance chances of winning million of Rands without using experts opinions.

  • Sign up to an online entertainment betting site that provides Greece Powerball.
  • Select number( the drawn permit allows users to pick five units from 1-45 along with the Powerball bonus ball from 1-20.
  • If players don’t have any special figures, they can consume the Greece Powerball digit generator. It will automatically generate numbers using a digital algorithm that picks the hottest ordinal number in the pool.
  • Philippines bettors can enter a single luck dip or different Power results.
  • Click the confirm tab and select the betting stake. The more users bet with, the higher the cash.


Greece Powerball is one of the most significant lucky numbers from the international markets that players can play at top Philippines betting sites. The Greece Powerball results take place every week on Thursday and Sunday evenings. Both outcomes close at 20:00 and Philippines betting sites will offer a countdown for participants to check when the upcoming draw date is. Users can also find the Greece Powerball latest sum history that appears past upshot to check if they have won.


Q: Which days does Greece Lotto play?

A: Choose six digits from a drum of 1-49 to play the official Greece lucky draw every Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday! Greece dip is the formal Greek lottery that started in 1990 and provides exciting prizes as well as fixed amounts.

Q: How many Greek Powerball balls are there?

A: This bingo activity is played by selecting 5 balls out of a total of 45. There are 20 Powerball units to select from, too. In the result, 5 standard figures will be drawn, alongside a one Powerball decimal. If players match the lot, they will win the main prize, just like any other lotto fun.

Q: What is the record for the biggest Greece Powerball jackpot?

A: The largest Greece Powerball mainprize of all time was €19.3 million. This was shared between three lucky players on 15 April 2010.

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Lotto Results

Uk49s Lunchtime Results | Today UK49s Win [July 2024]




Hello users! Welcome to the 49s Today Winning Numbers. We update UK49 draws regularly at the official draw time. Uk49s Lunchtime Results are the daily broadcasted results of the UK 49s lottery. Uk49s Lottery held two draws daily, 1st is called Lunchtime and the other one is called Teatime Results. Lunchtime is held from Monday to Sunday at 12.49 PM UK time. The lunchtime results consist of 6 drawn numbered balls as well as one bonus ball. Lunchtime Results For today are announced now. You can check 49s Lunchtime Draw 2024.

Check Teatime Results History

UK49s Lunchtime Results Today:

19 July 2024615222325378
18 July 202410151628333935
17 July 202420223032444921
16 July 20245132325293217
15 July 20244571331391
14 July 2024241522454830
13 July 20242141819344417
12 July 20247111624353844
11 July 20247202335384533
10 July 20243182040474924
9 July 202415141720288
8 July 20243132627293228
7 July 20242122432384523
6 July 2024151317414348
5 July 202418192627314042
4 July 2024515303743484
3 July 20248283444464749
2 July 2024172837394117
1 July 20243222441434829

Lunchtime Results hook you and increase the thrill and hope of life-changing achievement. These draws frequently occur daily from Monday to Sunday, and these lotteries are a worldwide suspense. If you have the potential to win big simply participate in these draws. Additionally, you can access the outcomes of life and stay informed.

The appealing information on Lunchtime results combines enthusiasts and adventure for the players. You can explore the latest sum availability of current updates and join the excitement of the participants. You can stay informed and engaged with the conclusion by simply checking it. You can participate with these simple and easy steps in these events like an expert.

Luck plays a significant role in determining the conclusion of Lunchtime and improving numbers of success. In the world of lotteries, small investments change your dream into excitement. Bingo takes place daily so players are never far away from another chance to get a jackpot. You can understand the strategies very easily.

Insights into Lunchtime Results

Uk49s Lunchtime Results | Today UK49s Win

The UK49s lunchtime lotto is an everyday lucky dip in the UK and is one of the biggest wheels of fortune in the United Kingdom and South Africa. The draw for this bingo happens twice daily. In addition to the UK49 lunchtime outcomes, there is also a team time pool that occurs. The teatime lotto takes place at approximately 5:49 p.m. GMT daily.

Lunchtime conclusions are a daily ritual for millions of participants who take part in the National bingo. As one of the most well-known activities in the homeland, the UK Lunchtime backwash takes place at 1:00 PM, with exciting cash and awards to be won.

If a person is a regular participant in this National Bingo, they will probably be familiar with the procedure of the upshot. But if the person is new to the fun, here is a complete guideline they need to know.

Every 49’s lucky draw is recorded in a live studio, with the video being published on social media channels so that players can see the balls being extracted from the machine one at a time. After the six main digits have appeared, the seventh and final unit, the Lunch Bonus Ball, is chosen at random from the drum to finish the result for that day.

What are the Lunchtime Numbers – Sharing Winning Tips

Lunchtime digits are just the numbers users choose and purchase on their bingo tickets. When players buy a lotto pass, it will have their selected unit on it. After the lucky dip, participants can check these decimals to see if they have won anything.

Make sure to keep their pass safe and secure. The figures on their tickets are important, and there’s no way to change them or consume tricks to win the lunchtime draw. But users can easily check if they achieve by looking at the unit of the website.

Daily, there’s the latest kind of pool, and the lunchtime outcomes are one of them. If the person is, they could get small cash or prizes every day.

When is the official Lunchtime Draw – A Detailed Guide

49’s Ltd runs the UK49s Wheel of Fortune and it carries out the lotto twice a day. The Lunchtime draw is carried out later in the evening. 1st dip of the day is held at 1:49 PM (South African Time), known as the UK 49s Lunchtime pool.

In the Teatime draw, balls from 1 to 49 are reported. After the results, 6 digits and 1 booster ball( also known as the bonus ball) are selected. This becomes the conclusion of the declaration. Participants can play the Lunchtime move at several betting shops in South Africa or on different sites that provide 49s lotto.

Breakdown of Rules For Playing Lunchtime

Rules of playing vary with each bookmaker. For the 6 units, individuals can select five main digits from drawn numbers. On the other hand, in the 7 unit reveals they can select 6 figures from the decimal. Seven numeric bonus balls are included. If the user’s bet is successful, they can receive the full cash as listed on the 49s slip.

Following are the rules of 49’s.

  • Maximum cash to any player or group of buyers, who have played must be listed on 49s bookmaker shop.
  • Followers are permitted according to the official time of UK49s.
  • UK49 stake amount is placed according to the genuine slip.
  • When any consumers choose more than one lotto, the chase will be settled for the upcoming event.
  • If the 49s formal draw is not held because of any unexpected occasion. The conclusion will be declared on the following day.
  • Multiple bets are also accepted by bookmakers on a single event.

How to Play the Lunchtime Results

Playing the Lunchtime Result is simple. Easily buy a pass from a participating retailer or virtually, and choose six digits between 1 and 49. If players select digits that match the winning units drawn during the Lunchtime conclusion, they could win a premium prize.

Lunchtime Result Prizes

The Lunchtime result offers a range of attracting cash awards, depending on how many figures they match. The more numbers they match, the bigger their treasure. If players match all six figures, they will win the jackpot, which can be worth millions of rands. But even if users only match a few decimals, they could still achieve substantial valuable gifts.


UK49 Lunchtime and teatime lottery, which is organized by 49s, a registered lotto company that is situated in the United Kingdom. Lunchtime sum is the result of the first draw that is held in the afternoon around lunchtime. The winning digits are revealed every afternoon at 12:49 pm in the UK (or 2:49 pm in South Africa), just in time for lunch! The bingo takes place every day, so players are never far away from another chance to get. The outcome is displayed in ascending order and contains six main units, followed by the Bonus Ball figures. Depending on the type of bet that players have placed, only certain aspects of the achieving combination may be relevant to users.


Q: When will UK Lunchtime Outcomes 2024?

A: On the internet, there are different sites that users use to check their results. Most individuals thought that it was legit to consume a system for lunch sum. Furthermore, for some things, it’s not a decent program to use the software.

Q: What are Hot & Cold Balls for lunchtime conclusion?

A: Cold balls are the digits that are pooled a few times. These Hot and Cold Balls are dependent on the past four week’s draw. Hot balls are those units that are repeated most of the time in past draws and cold digits are rare in the previous outcomes.

Q: What are strategies to understand the Lunchtime Game?

A: It’s important to grip the main of the Lunchtime sum. The lotto consists of drawing six digits from a set of 1 to 49. Participants must match all six units to win the jackpot. Secondary awards are also available for those that match fewer numbers.

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